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Information & Services on California Law

At the links below we provide discussion on the process of compiling legislative history and arguing legislative intent on California law aimed at assisting you in doing as much as you can (or chose to do) on your own. Use the professional services link at the left if you seek immediate information on the services we offer and fees involved.

Researching California Legislative and Regulatory History

Link for a downloadable/printable pdf document containing extensive discussion on topics relating to research on California law, including definitions for common legislative terms, a summary of the legislative process, an overview of how to research California statutes, an overview of the how to determine the effective date of statutes, an overview of the history of the California Legislature and the California Codes, and discussion on the development of selected California code Sections. It concludes with discussion on how to research California Regulations.

Identifying California Legislative Documents

Link for a downloadable pdf document that will help you identify the types of legislative documents available in California, and place documents in the context of the process that produces them.

Researching Currently Pending California Legislation

For legislative documents relating to current session California legislation (and sessions since 1993) link to It is helpful if you know the number of a particular bill as the link will land you at a page that requires you input information on the bill number before you can access copies of the bill or other documents regarding the bill. If you do not know the bill number, you can use the search function at that web site to search topically. We can help you track down pending legislation, or determine what is pending on any particular subject matter or code section if you wish to engage our services, providing whatever degree of detail you need. We will give you a cost estimate in advance once we understand the nature and scope of your request.