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Information & Services on Federal Law

What you can do:

The basic research protocol for Federal Law involves working with published documents generated by Congress, the President, or by Regulatory agencies as they develop laws. These documents can provide insight on the underlying concerns of Congress or the particular regulatory agency or adopting body, concerns that led to choosing the particular language of a statute, regulation or rule. Understanding the concerns and thinking behind the solutions addressing those concerns, and the language chosen to effectuate those solutions, can provide a tool to determine how to apply the statute, regulation, or rule in those factual circumstances where the plain language can be construed in more than one way, or where the plain language, applied in a particular situation seems inconsistent with the underlying purpose and scheme of the body of law.

For more detail, link to Finding Legislative History.

Do-it-yourself or engage our services?

We provide basic information on how to research the intent of different bodies of Federal Law at the links below. For research beyond what you have the time or inclination to do, you can engage our professional services for cost effective research, You will be given a firm quote for the research fee in advance. Our research protocol will focus on your particular concerns and aim to limit the report to substantively useful documents so you do not waste your time wading through volumes of documents devoid of useful information. Our goal is to provide an organized, focused report that you can review quickly to reach a full understanding of the intent applicable to your particular problem.

Researching the United States Code and Federal Statutes

(This page provides an overview of how to perform your own legislative history research on Federal Statutes. If you prefer to go directly to information on engaging our professional services click here for information on fees for researching Federal statutes.)

Research on the Code of Federal Regulations

(An overview of how to perform CFR research including an overview of the fees for our services if you chose to engage us.)

Research on Federal Rules

(An overview of how to perform your own intent research on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Bankruptcy Procedure and the Federal Rules of Evidence, as well as an overview of the fees for our services if you chose to engage our services.)