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State Bar #88703
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Principal: Jan Raymond
California State Bar Number 88703.
JD, King Hall School Of Law, U.C. Davis, 1979.
Admitted to practice, United States District Court, Eastern District of California.

Practice experience in civil and criminal litigation, business transactions, civil appeals, bankruptcy/insolvency and probate.

Began professional work in legislative history and legislative intent analysis in 1982. Clients have included the Administrative Office of the Courts/Judicial Council, California Courts of Appeal, the Department of Justice, other California State agencies, and firms and attorneys from throughout the country. Amicus Counsel, Van DeKamp v. Gumbiner, (1990) 221 Cal. App. 3rd, 1260. Van Kamp holds in part that fees paid to obtain a commercial legislative history report can be claimed as costs under CCP 1033.5. - Have qualified and testified as an expert witness in legislative intent in both civil and administrative proceedings.

"Bad Faith Storm Rising" concerning the prognosis for legislative action regarding insurance bad faith litigation, published in "Insurance Litigation" March/April 1999, San Francisco Daily Recorder.
"Legislative Intent - When and how to use it", Advocate, December 2009, p.32. For copies of these publications visit our Free Library.

Service Goals

We strive to provide the most in depth and thoughtful research commercially available. We research from a lawyer's perspective, focusing on substantively useful documents. We compile reports in a manner that minimizes the time you must spend understanding the substantive history. We pre-screen the documents to eliminate those clearly not substantively useful and eliminate duplicate documents. We provide a brief abstract to orient you with the collection of documents we forward but our philosophy is to organize the documents in a manner that allows the documents to speak for themselves. We present the documents in a manner that leads you quickly and logically to a full understanding of how the legislative history interacts with your circumstances.

Our authenticated format simplifies the steps you must take to get the report judicially noticed. All printed and bound reports contain a brief discussion of the basic authorities pertinent to requesting judicial notice. More comprehensive discussion of legal authorities is available at this web site, and we welcome questions by telephone, fax or e-mail

Our goal is to provide the best possible research in the most cost-effective manner.